Sunday, December 21, 2008

The CBC's "Words @ Large" Shelagh Rogers and Eleanor Wachtel . . .

. . . join formidable forces to bring their upsifying heap of fare with class, panache, and encharming flair to spare (with podcasts galore plus so much more). The latest? A lovely clip of ear-to-ear cheer featuring an interview with Gil Adamson, the gifted novelist responsible for The Outlander.

However, past 'viewees include Salman Rushdie, Larry Hill, and Michele Tremblay, a utility-infielder world-class novelist, poet, and playwright who resides in Montréal half the year, Key West the other half. (Although I worship the pages upon which Tremblay writes, in this competition, Canada Reads, I gotta go with David Adams Richards, perhaps one of the finest novelists in the world; however, not to put too fine a pointer upon it, I do believe the work of either Tremblay or Richards [not to mention Daphne Marlatt] worthy of the Nobel Prize for literature. Maybe, with the dearly departured what's his name, the work of Canadians and Americans will begin to receive their recognition so long overdue? Here's hopin' with you.)

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