Sunday, December 21, 2008

Does Anyone Speak / Read Vietnamese?

I ask because I'm wondering if this a good or bad review of my interp of "Famous Blue Raincoat" . . . (If it's negative, how do I say, Thank you kindly for promo-ing my 'site; and, if it's positive, how do I say, Thank you kindly for appreciating my analysis of "FBR?")

Also, speaking of great 'sites on LC, I've been meaning to provide this link to DrHGuy for some time; he invariably has up-to-the-second info on all things coming and Cohen (almost before LC knows what he's going to say or do). Very good mind at work, though, an enjoyable read, no matter what brand of lover you are. Highly recommended for True-B'Losers, IOW.

BTW, when Leo sings about "twenty-seven angels," he's reffing the answer to how many ^i^s (or angels) can dance on the head of a pin, er, a pinhead (among other swing-ding things). JSYK.

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  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Hi Judith,

    I'm writing and I saw you were wondering wether my review of your interpertation was good or bad. Well, it was neither, because the link to it was a sidenote to the article that asked the readers which they liked better, "Who by fire" or "FBR". Almost all of them chose FBR.