Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm torn ...

... over this. I like the apes - like Ray Davies, I'm an apeman - but I think they're in over their heads in this case.


  1. Whoa, when you watch that clip of all that's been banned, it's scary; and, what's wrong with beautiful blue gorillae, anyway?

    You know, in Canada last week, a report made its way through the MSM delivering the none-too-surprising news that more young people than ever are smoking. We have similar (and worse) bans in this country; but, that clip ought to be required viewing for anyone who decides on legislation. At some atomic level, I am beginning to think that banning certain items is done because, natch, when your parents told you they disapproved of your boy/girl friend, you loved them up and down all the most. Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest, right?

    I'd like a blue gorilla for my roof for Christmas; it would match my Canadian Flag which is frayed and greyed; that was my only prezzie requezzie when I wrote to Santa @ The North Pole, HOHOHO, this year. I thought, well, he can just drop it down the chimney and not worry about it combusting because we have no fires

    How about making things mandatory, as well? New legislation's going through our provincial government's process to mandate smoke detectors as well as carbon-monoxide ones. (I have both; but, the latter cost an arm and an ear; so, again, is this just a way to make money for Kidd's and other manufacturers?).

    Yeah, I know, statistics are the leading cause of statistics.

  2. Oh, I don't want them banned. I just think they shouldn't have got involved in the finance business. They're not cut out for it.