Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it snow ...

...`Its Purpose Is to Cover'.


  1. Frank, it's been many winters since I've had to go out front and try to remember which snowdrift was my car ... some aspects of winter in the northeast I don't miss.

  2. Well, Jeff, here's another, if it makes you a little less home-turf-sick: Tonight? The temp's dropping to minus 32 Celsius with the wind-chill factor. (That prolly sounds funny to you; to tell you the truth, I've never understood why, when we went from F to C, our way of citing temps changed from 32 below to minus 32). I like 32 below better; I think prolly 'cause of Nancy Griffith, Red Sovine, Muddy Waters,

    According to Environment Canada, we have already broken every snowfall record in the book here in the Near North of Ontario. I've seen years where total accumulation's been 11 feet; but, we've already got about three feet and, according to the calendar, Winter officially arrived this weekend, argh.