Sunday, December 21, 2008

A pair from Maxine ...

... The dolphin man: a publishing experiment.

... CrimeFest and Harrogate news.

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  1. Excellent, especially since Maxine is attending the festival headlined by Michael Connelly; now, we have an event worth its wait because Maxine will, no doubt, provide coverage and news of a variety of sparkly writing we don't often have the op to savour. Very cool, IOW; and, if Maxine does manage to speak with MC, I wonder if she will ask him about the arrow he took for literature a while ago, now.

    (Oh, I would also grovel for a signed copy of TBV; and, starting now, I shall. I would *love* it if Mr. Connelly could inscribe it thusly: To Jack Batten, Love & Hisses, MC.)

    Maxine's been promoted to Star-Goddess in my books, all of 'em. I will be sure to include her name and the URL to her Petrona in the acknowledg(e)ments of my new book, to be published in 2010. I will even promo NN and Mr. Gee and Mr. Clegg. AND? I'll include OWL and name him. I'm just starting; plenty more to come :).

    How exciting, though; sometimes, I wish I had been born in the UK . . .