Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yet Another Literary Blog . . .

. . . but, clearly, not a cut-abover (in the way, say, Art's, Lee's, Georgy's, or Levi's is) since, it doesn't link to the great ones we love (e.g., Roger, Peter, Nige, Sarah, Patrick, Scott, Mary, Frank, Jeff, Russ, Glenn, George, Bill, Ed, Maxine, Hedgie, et.ilk :) . . .). Perhaps this post may aid the Spinner in getting with the showgramme :). Ah, no, not sour gripes, not at all. It's sweet cherries or forget it (since WCW already ate the plums which were, according to him, delicious). Also, I may be missing something and there do exist links that I just don't see . . .
p.s. How can I have a hangover when I haven't had a drink since 9 June 1982? Is there such a thing as flash-black, drink-sink division? Egawds, my queendom for something to kill this migraine, ach, ack, achy, ouchy . . .


  1. Slashing Spinning like that? Not cool.

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I really don't use my weblog, Spinning, to hobnob with celebrities but rather to explore literature and its meanings. So I'm not your cup of tea but I am a respected literary weblog and have no desire to "get with the showgramme."


  3. Whoa . . . Like, we know Reilly's a gifted young artist; but, we didn't know she'd already graduated to celebrity stature.

    Fabulosity-plus. Christmas came early for The Wilson Family. Thank you so much! (And, aw, she really is a cutie patootie, too; Gwen and Deb will be so happy; Susan, that's just too faboo to be true.)
    p.s. You mean you have a lit-blog and you don't know the meaning of "literatures," Susan? Welp, it's that stuff that comes between lovely covers with nice pics or text on the front and some nice blurbs on the back; and, FTR, it can be found in most bookstores under "Fiction," "Creative Non-Fiction," "Drama," "Classics," and "Poetry," et so forthia. Mebbe I oughta have tippy-tapped get with the knowgramme? HTH :)
    p.p.s. What am I, flypaper for freaks?