Friday, May 29, 2020

Let’s hope the churches counter with a law suit …

… Maryland's Howard County bans Holy Communion in church reopening order.
They should also not obey the order.


  1. Communion is here for us> We are no there for communion.

    Right now, in this time in history as in others, God wants us to worship and find communion in other ways. You don't have to be a Christian mystic to understand this.

    Why would he?, is the question -- not how can we get around commmon sense laws during a deadly pandemic. We can always pray. Always, pray. We return to being Christian mystics when we do.

    We need to be careful about singing with people around, however, because the 6-foot rule is lax as it is, studies link singing to why church services have been to terrible about spreading the virus into communities. Singing like shouting spreads the virus greater distances and keeps the droplets in the air longer. At least double the distance for singing.

  2. I don't have a hot line to God. I am not afraid to take communion. And I don't want secular authorities violating the first amendment. No one is forcing anybody to take communion.If you're afraid, be afraid.

  3. It's not just you, Frank. If you want to walk across where there's a firing squad to get to communion, I'll try to talk you ought of it, but that's where you have the argument you just put forth.

    But apparently it's you everyone needs to be afraid of, especially D. You are willing to become a one-man loose canon, a danger to the rest of society, in order to have communion. It's not your death, disability or sickness. It's everyone else's. This is how the virus too often has gotten into a community, by church. You'll become a super spreader, a serial killer before you know it. Health authorities need to step in and force-quarantine you, because you might be deadly, all because you wanted communion, and felt someone wanted to take away your rights to something. They also would be irresponsible not to shut down the church that was so irresponsibly lax during a pandemic.

    On average, all those who have caught Covid-19, are infectious for 68% of the time while having zero symptoms -- yet. You are most infectious 2 days after you get infected, and you are clueless that you caught it at all -- whether in church, or at the beach, or wherever you and others were being dangerously cavalier about the pandemic -- dangerous to the rest of us. You are least infectious -- on average -- for the 32% of the time while you are suffering symptoms. In other words, how dangerously infectious you are to the rest of humanity, dissipates, goes down gradually until you are no longer a threat to society, but you are still ill.

    Here in Massachusetts, just today,the state had to step in and re-close Freeman Lake in Chelmsford, a favorite spot of mine, because so many went there and violated safe distance rules. That was the only responsible thing for the state to do, trying to keep the death count down. The rest of us are already at greater risk, because some decided to be cavalier about it.

  4. I happen to be one of those Catholics who attends Mass to participate in the miracle of transubstantiation, whereby the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ Jesus. I don't insist that anyone else believe this, though one would expect one's bishops to. I know of no historical evidence of anyone dying as a result of taking the Eucharist. My faith in God happens to be greater than my fear of SARS-CoV-2. My fear of the latter is actually not so great at all, the CDC having finally decided that you cannot get it from open air and that sunlight destroys it, and since I am unlikely to be anywhere near anyone who has the infection, which the CDC this week also said is the most likely way of getting it. My faith governs my life, not government- and media-induced hysteria.But that's just me. Everyone else is free to think and feel as they wish.

  5. There have been plenty of dangerous times when believers had to forego church and the eucharist and lay low. It's time for prayer and loving all God's people, which includes everybody -- obviously. You dont have to be a mystic to realize that eucharist communion is out, and prayer is in.

    On the other hand, if you can ensure the rest of us, that your church has figured out how to do communion by keeping a safe distance, then cool. Of course, please spread the word to all other churches. Otherwise, human sacrifice and deadly virus spreading is out, no matter how macho it may seem.

    Person after person going to the same priest -- no, that won't work at all. That's an entire congregation exploding into the community, becoming a satanic team of walking covid zombies. There's no ammendment that allows freedom to become a danger to society.

    It's not about your fear of the virus or your faith in God for the rest of the population. Who cares how brave it feels to you to dare the virus to get you? It's not about you being a daredevil for God. God loves you. It's about you not becoming a superspreader and killing His other people.