Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gas analysis ...

...That Pledge.

On a lovelier note: Catalpa.

There used to a grand catalpa in our backyard in Germantown.The kids used to call it the popcorn tree.


  1. The catalpa is also home to the catalpa worm which is great bait for canepole fishin' from the side of the crick.

  2. In the American south, the ubiquitous popcorn tree (a.k.a. chinese tallow) is an invasive species that has the reproductive tendencies of rabbits and rodents and the growth rate of some lab experiment on HHG that has gone horribly wrong. Admired by some for its attractive leaves and its shade, the popcorn tree is the nemesis of nurserymen and state agricultural departments. When you think of popcorn trees here, think of kudzu with bark.