Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hey, book folks ...

... a chance to win some money: The Tag Your It Contest! For 30 Seconds of your time win $100!


  1. From LOST IN SPACE: "Warning, Will Robinson. There is no link for the tag about which you have spoken."

    With that having been said, there is something bizarre about the way new vocabulary creeps into everyday discourse. For example, who could have imagined thirty or forty years ago or who could have imagined even during the era of LOST IN SPACE and other iconic SF visions of the future that words like blog, link (with a new meaning), site (with a new meaning), and post (with a new meaning -- do I detect a pattern here?) would become normal diction.

    In any event, Frank, you have no link for the site you have cited.

  2. I think it works now.