Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A garland of links ...

... at Petrona: While I was away, Part 94. (Though I, being pro-civilization, was unimpressed by How to Save the World. Amazing how the myth of a golden age persists in human consciousness. Must be as hard-wired as religion. Even if true - and I suspect there's something to it - you can't go home again, boys and girls. You must go on.)


  1. I'm impressed by Maxine's sheer fortitude in putting all of those links in one post....outstanding!

  2. Well, Frank, I have to admit there was a touch of irony in my "impressive" comment. I am sure his website is very worthy, but I found it rather smug. It must have taken him a lot of time to put it together, though, so impressive in that sense ;-)

    Thanks for the kind words both of you. It really was no effort to write that stuff as it was all buzing in my head; the main victory was finding the time to get it down!

    all my best

    PS these anti-spam verifications are getting harder and harder! I never get if it is w or v v for example.

  3. Enjoyed the site as well.. lol Maxine, I agree and am sooo grateful that someone else feels tested by those tests.