Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Online poetry update ...

Here's my plan. I am off this week and want to do some things not associated with my job. But I'm going to read all the comments and emails, visit all the links, read a lot of the poetry, and put together a piece I hope will give readers a pretty good overview of the field. Know of an online poem you think is pretty good? Send it along.


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I come across a lot of excellent poems on my trawls through websites. I like the ones on Minx's blog.
    Here is one:

    There are others on her site if you look around a bit.

    all the best

  2. Tooting my horn, there is a pretty good deal of audio on my site, with some poets reading their own work and other poets reading some who do not have access to recording equipment. johnvick.org - Arlene Ang's interesting and seductive voice, Rachel Mallino also has provided a recording, the poetry of Kristy Bowen, Alex Gontarek, Alex Stolis, Ann Walters, Michaela A. Gabriel, Lisa Prince, Lauren Finaldi Gurus, Lyn Lifshin and a section of the audio recordings by Norman Ball (the "especial" link)- audio is my thing -- I love all poetry, but the audio really makes it for me.

    Warmest regards,
    John Vick

  3. I will of course check out Minx, Maxine. Thanks for telling me. And thank you John also. I will check out the site sometime tomorrow (I actually have to go into the office tomorrow, so it is less of a day off than might be the case.)

  4. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Not all poetry sites have to be formal, and ours certainly isn't (which just might be something to do with there being artists, musicians and multi-media talents there too) but QUALITY is guaranteed in our Library. This is due to a year's work looking around and about the web for talented contemporary writers - previously published or not - and I think you'll find that time hasn't been wasted. If you visit the Library, I highly recommend Guy Kettelhack, Mike Todd, Art Durkee, Suzanne Nixon, Jody Azzounni - so many wordsmiths.
    This link will take you to our front page, where you can read what we're about - PhaZe2


  5. Anonymous3:21 AM

    I have four words for you !
    (Write Me Some Art)

  6. Who, Anonymous - me, J.M., all of us?

  7. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Dear Frank,

    Rus Bowden directed me to your blog - I edit the Guardian newspaper's Books website, and we run a thriving monthly online poetry competition, which I hope you'll take a look at.


    Each month a different poet sets an exercise then chooses a shortlist of entries and comments briefly on each. I've been consistently impressed by the extremely high standard of the entries we receive, to the point that I'm considering the possibility of putting together a book of the best ones. The joy of the web is that it gives poets and readers access to one another in an unprecedented and wonderful way; a workshop like this couldn't function without it.

    Haven't had a chance to read all the comments, but if you haven't been directed there already, can I also recommend Poetry Archive


    - a fantastic new UK site given over to recordings of poets reading their own work. Hundreds of contemporary poets recorded for posterity, not to mention recordings of the likes of Yeats and Tennyson, too.

    Good luck with your project,