Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why stop now?

Let's take a look at the Wild Poetry Forum.


  1. A great group to work with, in my expert opinion. (grin)


  2. Hi Frank

    Many thanks for highlighting Wild Poetry Forum, one of the finest workshops on the Internet. I have been a member for some time, have received many good suggestions in improving my poetry, and enjoy taking part in the challenges and community action (chain) poetry. Poets, check out Wild Poetry Forum if you do not know it. You won't regret it.


  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Dear Frank -- As Administrator of Wild Poetry Forum, I can't thank you enough for the link and the free advertising. Given Wild's rather modest beginnings, it is always amazing for me to look back and realize just how far we've come.

    We started in 1998 as a handful of rogues and renegades who had a dream that poetry boards could dispense valuable information, helpful crit, support, and guidance in an non-threatening and non-intimidating environment. Yes, in 1998 this was a rather unusual dream as most writing/poetry boards were either basically vanity sites (and, hence, less worthwhile) or so cruel in their crit and holier-than-thou in their attitudes that they discouraged more writers than they helped. They crushed the fragile spirits of the novice.

    Of course, Wild was stuck for some time with the reputation of being "too nice," as if attempting to be respectful while doling out positive criticism was some kind of crime. We just kept plugging ahead, believing that if there were those who would hang us from the nearest yardarm for having the temerity to be "nice," then we would simply go down with the dream.

    Oddly enough, though, we found there were people out there who actually respected us in return. Who believed as we did that kindness and "niceties" didn't negate being able to offer solid advice and valuable education. That, wonder of wonders, it could all co-exist.

    And so that's how people who find their way to our doors feel about Wild now in 2006. They find a "family" of sorts, strong support, and helpful advice. They can do serious work on our boards without fear of flames and bigotry. Novice poets can get the ears of published ones without anyone looking down at them and making them feel small.

    It's a working community with great camaraderie. And if that's a sin, charge me happily with being guilty of promoting and encouraging it.

    My thanks to all who will check into Wild from this link. And again, much appreciate to you, Frank, for all the work you've done thus far in bringing together all this information.

    Administrator of Wild Poetry Forum

  4. Hi M - That's a great story. And it fits in with a theme that's been discussed here a bit - the value of civility. People who want to try their hand at poetry should be encouraged, not discouraged. The practice of poetry is good for you.