Saturday, April 22, 2006

A good example ...

... of good reviewing marks the return of Petrona: Holiday reading (even if Maxine does mix up John Baker with John Barlow - they're right next to each other on my blogroll).

I would read White Skin Man even despite the caveat (which counts with me - see this post). I suspect I would skip James and Connolly.

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  1. Yes, Barlow and Baker are next to each other on my blogroll too -- my brain is like mashed potato and I was rushing to post in an "odd spare half hour" -- but I have gone over my post and corrected it as there is nothing more irritating than having one's name spelt wrong. Especially when it is that of another author.
    Thanks, Frank, as ever, for so kindly linking to Petrona, and for providing the interesting link yourself.