Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things could be worse ...

... John Osborne could have been your father: Look back with loathing . (Via Jenny Davidson at Light Reading.)


  1. There has been a lot about this in the UK press, not just the Guardian.
    I hate these articles that defile someone's reputation after they are dead and can't sue for libel or answer back.
    I am not saying Osborne was a nice man, he may well have been horrible.
    But I have seen so many people recently die and be subjected to this kind of article (Olivier, Tynan for example) and I think it is disgraceful cashing-in.

  2. I think I can make an exception in the case of Osborne, who expressed saisifaction when his former wife Jill Bennett committed suicide. Otherwise, I tend to agree about the recent fashion of trashing the dead. Speaking of Tynan, I learned something about him recently that I had never known anything about before. Apparently, toward the end of his life, he thought much about and may have even been reading C.S. Lewis. He always defended Lewis against detractors. It was an act of loyalty. Seems Lewis was his tutor at Oxford and talked the young Tynan out of committing suicide - not by preaching Christianity to him, but by telling him he was very talented young man and that he had a lot to give the world.