Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Later today ...

... turns out to be right now, because I thought I'd pass along something I just came upon at InstaPundit: Gasoline Price History. This is actual, factual information. It's what the media should be passing along.


  1. Hi Frank,

    Is your (Glenn's) point that the price has gone up, or what?

    3 dollars a gallon for gasoline?

    Do you know what we in the UK pay for gasoline (petrol)???????

    I could not believe it when I first visited the US and people were complaining about paying 99 cents a gallon for gasoline.

    Anyway, that is water under the bridge of time, but we pay about three times what you do.

  2. Hi Maxine,
    No, actually the price of gasoline has been pretty stable. In real dollars it costs about as much as it did in 1990. I am so glad to have you remind my fellow citizens that they have no idea what high gas prices are. But you must understand, new home sales just jumped by more than 13 perecent in March, the stock market is nearing its all-time high, unemployment is at 4.7 percent - the media has to find some bad economic news to blame on the Bush administration, even if it's not true in real dollars

  3. Well...I'm glad that in reality the price hasn't gone up that if I can stop crying into my gas tank everytime I fill it up....maybe my car will run! LOL!