Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Online poetry update ...

Tomorrow afternoon I plan to read through again all the comments I've received on this topic. I also plan to look at all the links I've been sent. And tomorrow night I hope to put together a substantial preliminary report.

Otherwise, as Bugs Bunny would say, That's all, folks! For tonight, at least.


  1. Frank,

    I've read through all the comments regarding your inquiry about online poetry, and I agree with much of what's been stated. However, I wanted to give you an idea of what it means to be published online for a poet: personal communication with one's readers.

    I've received the most amazing emails/comments from readers that would not have been possible otherwise. Because it is so easy to contact the poem's author, many readers do. I know for certain that there are readers for my work, and that has been the most exciting and fufilling part of online poetry, for me personally.

    Consequently, it has been incredibly easy for me to read others' poetry and then get in touch with the poets. This makes publishing an online poetry journal very easy. Although the internet has its drawbacks, for the careful user, it can open up countless opportunites and contacts and enrich one's life.

    Thanks for starting this conversation.

  2. Hi Christine:
    I think you make an excellent point, one that applies to more than just poetry. With all the attention that has been paid to poliblogs challenging the MSM, little has correspondingly been paid to the sense of community that devlops online because of the interactivity. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that this is bound to have an effect on the nature and quality of what is written.
    Thatnks for posting and stay tuned.