Sunday, February 19, 2006

For history buffs ...

Maxine Clarke tells us the Cheney hunting kerfuffle hasn't made much news in Britain, but given that the guy he shot was named Whittington, it's worth noting that a namesake of his has been well-known in Britain for centuries. Introducing Dick Whittington.

Updated: I got the name of Cheney's hunting partner wrong in my orginal version of this post. He's Harry -- but maybe he's a descendant of Dick.


  1. Sorry, I was probably not giving the right impression in what I said about Cheyney. There has been quite a bit on it over here, mainly in cartoons. Just probably not as much as over there.
    It was huge news over here a few days ago when Tony Blair missed some meeting becuase his plane developed engine trouble in South Africa so he was delayed for a bit. Not sure if the plane had actually taken off (P D James syndrome). I bet that did not even get a mention over your way....

  2. No, that's the first I heard of Blair being delayed. What's funny about the Cheney coverage over here is that it plays to every stereotype about the press imaginable. Which is why his poll numbers are up.

  3. I guess he isn't eligeable for a third term is he? Even if his cardiac cells last out.