Thursday, February 23, 2006

Men of good will ...

... we are often told, may disagree. But they may also agree. Alan Dershowitz and William Bennett have found common ground regard A failure of the press.

We two come from different political and philosophical perspectives, but on this we agree: Over the past few weeks, the press has betrayed not only its duties but its responsibilities. To our knowledge, only three print newspapers have followed their true calling: the Austin American-Statesman, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the New York Sun. What have they done? They simply printed cartoons that were at the center of widespread turmoil among Muslims over depictions of the prophet Muhammad. These papers did their duty.


  1. The Stranger in Seattle also printed the cartoons, FYI.

  2. I've not seen any in the UK press. The nearest they have got to bravery is publishing cartoons about the cartoons.

    The UK media are much more interested in Prince Charles, groan groan, who has had some diaries shown in court. Tim Worstall reproduced one of Prince Charles "Charles Guevera" on his blog.
    But I can't stand all that Prince Charles stuff. One, his diaries are supermely uninteresting (I can tell you that even though I haven't read them - and not even secret, as they were copied to 40 people -- yes, 40!) and two, could you care about someone who employs a person to put toothpaste on his toothbrush?

  3. I have always thought that all of the rest of us should get down on our knees every day and thank the good Lord that we are not Windsors. Not that I have anything against the royal family. Like most Americans, I'm rather fond of them. But to be born into that life -- what an awful fate.