Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Work in progress ...

I just discovered that Greg Sandow is writing a book online on a subject I am much interested in: The Future of Classical Music.

This gives me an opportunity to air one of my favorite ideas. When people think of classical music, they tend to think of large forms -- symphonies, concertos, tone poems. But a vast quantity of classical music is as short as any popular song. And I have long thought that a radio station that specialized in broadcasting only those shorter pieces might surprise people by its success. I think that quite a few people might prefer to drive to work while listening to Couperin or Praetorius or Grainger or Lou Harrison than Howard Stern or Aerosmith (bear in mind, I have myself seen Aerosmith in concert -- Stern I can do without).


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    My father was a DJ in the Philadelphia area - specializing in Classical music and we would brainstorm ideas to help promote the genre among the youth. Like, interviewing current bands who were heavily influenced by Chopin, Bach, Beethoven. Or having a tag team radio show with a younger dj and an older dj - hence attracting a wider audience. Although I think that generally, many falsly believe that the youth of today aren't interested in Classical music. Many of my friends quite enjoy Classical but at choice times - like in the evening, during dinner, when relaxing, and such. If these moments could be better leveraged by the more active Classical music community, ho boy!

    And I like your idea of having, at least, a radio show dedicated to the shorter pieces. I think that could work nicely.

  2. Have never seen or heard Aerosmith but did you know that band member Steve Tyler's daughter is Liv Tyler, aka Arwen?
    (Or, if you look at life my way round, did you know that Liv Tyler's father is in a band called Aerosmith?)

    I agree with you, Lisa, I think plenty of youth like classical music, if they get to hear it.