Monday, February 20, 2006

A scathing review ...

... of the Sunday Times (of London) by Maxine Clarke: Sunday papers, for once.


  1. More like a rant or a sulk than a critique, Frank. It goes on and on about how rubbishy the newspaper is, but does not explain exactly how or why. Rather like one of those book reviews that rave about a book's "stunning power" or "magical use of language" without ever giving an example of the power or the language. (Not to mention that those are hackneyed reviewer phrases that ought to be avoided at all costs.)

  2. Well, nothing wrong with rants, especially if you've paid for the item you're ranting about. Also, I find it interesting that not only do newspapers no longer seem to appeal to many people, but also actually make them angry -- in the way people get angry when they feel they've been had.

  3. It wasn't intended to be a review of the Sunday Times.