Thursday, February 16, 2006

The state of publishing ...

Lynne Scanlon has a suggestion for the publishing industry: Publishing & Google & The 10% Imperative. (Hat tip again to Maxine Clarke. This is what's so good about blogging. On a day when the Arts & Entertainment section is closing and visitors are arriving at my office and I'm terribbly busy and distracted, Maxine comes along and does a Dave Lull for me. Thank you, thank you.)

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  1. You are welcome, it is fun reading these blogs and good to find an interesting home for the links as well as Petrona 2 (my place for things I'd love to read properly, one day).
    I agree that blogging is uplifting!
    However, I have now finished my brief holiday (3 days over the school half term) so I will probably slow down a bit as time will be short: Dave Lull can have his job back now!