Monday, February 20, 2006

Uh-oh ...

... looks like we have been too busy blogging to notice that blogging is on the way out: Time for the last post.

I found this remark by Choire Sicha interesting:

"As for blogs taking over big media in the next five years? Fine, sure,” he added. “But where are the beginnings of that? Where is the reporting? Where is the reliability? The rah-rah blogosphere crowd are apparently ready to live in a world without war reporting, without investigative reporting, without nearly any of the things we depend on newspapers for. The world of blogs is like an entire newspaper composed of op-eds and letters and wire service feeds. And they’re all excited about the global reach of blogs? Right, tell it to China.”

Blogs will give us "a world without war reporting"? Choire should click on here or here.


  1. Don't tell Chaucer: he's just getting started: Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog

  2. Oh, it's just blogging's turn to for "the sky is falling" angst. It's like the "publishing is dying" articles you get every few months. People just like to rend their clothes and wail about the injustice of the world. I guess it makes them feel better. Or maybe they just want attention. Pay no attention to them.

  3. Frank, you remind me that I've been wanting to write something about people who seem to be hard-wired to be apocalyptic. There seem to be people who relish the possibility that everything is going to come crashing down any moment now.

    And Dave, I think you're right: We better not tell Geoff.

  4. The FT article is very long, I have not read it yet. However, I found it ironic that an article about the death of blogging has its own blog for comments, which currently stands at 63. The first comment is by a blogger who says that he only found the article becuase it was linked to from a blog (maybe yours, Frank ;-) )

    I think the writer is out for attention, he can't really mean it, though it is hardly a new line.

  5. Anonymous5:34 PM

    In the early 70's a friend of mine saw a large machine that you could rent, take home and play a huge disk which featured a limited supply of movies.
    I was amazed!
    "naw its to cumbersome, it's just a fad it will never catch on!"

    Thank God Johannes Gutenberg didn't
    listen to the sky is falling mentality of his day.

  6. Say it with me folks: "Blogs are a tool." Blogging can't be coming to an end because it is simple an easily adaptable tool. I honestly think that talking about generic blogging gets you nowhere. The medium is simply to vast and different to generalize about anymore. Blogging is dead. Long live the blog!

  7. You are precisely right, Kevin.