Friday, February 24, 2006

When authors turn bad ...

Maxine Clarke sends me a another link (this one to Booksquare) about the British Book Awards, which appear to have turned ugly: Fisticuffs and Conga, What Will The British Think of Next?

During my wild years I once had a most heated discussion with another fellow that resulted in the two of us crashing through the bannister of a second-floor landing and soaring through the air to the floor below -- just like in a Western.


  1. Nah, neither of them are good enough to beat out JKRowlings...she's got it made!

    Men brawling at their age is just gauche!

  2. Dear Lord, what is the world coming to when a pair of grown British writers are duking it out? Whatever happened to hashing out things over a nice cup of tea?

    Someday, Frank, you really must tell us more about these "wild days" of yours.

  3. I think the less said about Frank's wild years the better, actually. Though experience, if you manage to survive it, is always broadening.

  4. I smiled at the bannister-crashing image! I wonder what book discussion could have resulted in that passion? (Though actually, you don't say it was about a book).

    As you say, Frank, some aspects of one's past are best with veils over them.

  5. I'm afraid I don't recall what it was about.