Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strictly personal ...

Ron Hogan notes a rash of reviewer disclosures. Lucy Ellman's elicits comment from Mark Bertrand and Brandywine Books.

My reaction to Ellman's admission was a stifled yawn. As for the others, here goes:

Megan Marshall's -- thanks for sharing.

Toni Bentley's -- are you serious?

Dave Itzkoff''s -- yeah, sure.

Dick Teresi -- Do as you're told.


  1. Lucy Ellmann: "I should declare immediately that I resent and fear Christianity, not only for its sexism and incitement of violence but for its deadening effect on the imagintion."

    It's good to know that bigotry is alive and well at the New York Times Book Review. What I find curious is that they would still assign this person to review that book.

  2. But Toni had a great point about dignity and the need to consult manuals like Miss Manners, "which tell us how to behave with grace in any given situation."

    A woman who writes a memoir about anal sex can teach us a lot about dignity in any given situation.