Saturday, February 11, 2006

Weighing in ...

... on manuscript submissions leaves even the redoubtable Miss Snark speechless.


  1. Poor Miss wonder she needed help. She probably went to pounding her head on the computer like the little Icon on my page...I should send her the icon! I know it makes me feel better when somebody puts me in that mood.

    Are you supposed to get as much snow as NYCity...we're further west...skirted the bullet!

  2. Well, right now they're saying we'll get about 8-12 inches. But at the moment it doesn't seem to be doing anything. We're off to the orchestra and to a party afterwards.

  3. It's Sunday night and we never sa not narry a flake...the sun was out all day...I'm so jealous...New York city got like almost two feet! *sniff, sniff*