Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bully for us, too ...

... The Inquirer, that is.


  1. Amen, Brother Wilson. Was it the Danish king who put on the yellow Star of David in a mark of solidarity with Jewish victims of Nazi bigotry and oppression? If so, how fitting. In any case, it is a gesture that all American newspapers ought to emulate by publishing this cartoon and the others as a sign of journalistic solidarity with the Inquirer and the (so far) few other outlets that have had the guts to stand up against the current Nazis who seek to suppress free speech. To say that you are avoiding publishing the cartoons because they are offensive to Muslims is to say you are not offended by assaults against our most treasured liberty. It is, in a word, mealy-mouthed.

  2. like I said in an earlier post, if the can mess with Jesus, they should be doing the same to Muhammed...sheesh, did I say that..~snicker, snicker, chortle~ We'll all be in hiding together...LOL

  3. Good for the Philadelphia Inquirer for having the backbone to print them. They're just cartoons. Now everyone who reads the Inquirer can see for themselves what the fuss was about and whether calling for beheadings and burning down embassies was a reasonable reaction to seeing them in print.